CRAFTD10 Discount FAQs

Discounts can be a bit tricky with the Craft'd store so we have produced this document to ensure that they are a bit easier to understand!

1. Once you have filled your basket and received your automatic discounts from the store system then you are ready to apply your Code based discount e.g. "CRAFTD10"

If you click the shopping basket in the top right corner of the screen it will slide open the "cart drawer"

From this page you can enter your discount code. NOTE: you must enter it on this page for it to combine the discounts if you enter it on the later checkout page it will remove a discount.

4. Once you have entered your code and pressed apply it will display that your code has been accepted if it is a valid discount code. Then you can click Checkout. Please note: it will only calculate your discount when you go to checkout, so at this point the total will not change.

5. At this point you can open the Checkout screen and you will notice the discount applied will be a combined discount. Please do not worry that your discount code does not display as "CRAFTD10" as the store has had to generate you a unique discount code just for your basket.

IMPORTANT: If you do type "CRAFTD10" in the discount code box on this page it will remove your discount and you will have to go back to the shop and reopen the cart page in order to apply it.