Frozen Delivery - Safety

Fresh, Fast & Frozen!

To maintain the freshness of frozen products we use Dry Ice to chill your packages. Dry Ice can be dangerous when handled incorrectly and can pose a risk to yourself and others. This guide will give you some guidance on how to safely handle the dry ice so you can get the most out of your chosen Craft'd products!

Dry Ice information

Dry ice is the solid form of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). It exists at a temperature of around -80°C and as it warms up it "sublimes" turning from a solid to a gas in the form of gaseous Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

Delivery Information

When your package is sent we put in a select amount of dry ice in order to ensure it arrives still fully frozen. However, we actually plan for the dry ice to be mostly or completely gone when it arrives. We package normal Cool-Packs (like you have in your freezer for picnics) in with the package so that when it arrives the food is still nicely and safely chilled!

Safe Practices

Firstly, it is important that you ensure that the opening of your parcel is done in a well ventilated space. It's also considered wise to keep children and animals away while you open the parcel.

If there is any dry ice remaining in your package, it will be inside a bag labelled "DRIKOLD". It looks like this when we place it in your package but it will be much smaller when it arrives with you.

If there is dry ice inside your package then we recommend that you pick up the corner of the "DRIKOLD" plastic bag using your thumb and index finger while being careful not to touch the remaining dry ice. Take this bag and place it straight into your general waste bin outside (the one your local authority collects).

Please be aware that your package can still be really cold. It may be anywhere between -15°C to -40°C. While this is great for keeping your food frozen, it can hurt your hands if you handle very cold items for a long time. Any kind of glove will provide a barrier between your fingers and the cold so whether it is a pair of rubber kitchen gloves or last years winter gloves they will help.