Black Pudding 1.25kg

1250 g

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People who like black pudding will love this product and those that don't, need to try it! Fruity, spicy and full of flavour; you can taste the freshness in this gloriously moist black pudding.

The guys over at FruitPig in Cambridgeshire know their trade to the ground. A small team of expert slaughtermen & butchers who really understand how to make fantastic black pudding which is renowned all over the country and can be considered one of the restaurant trades worst kept secrets.

Ingredients: Fresh, local pigs' blood (28%), British pork fat (24%), British OATS and BARLEY, onions, salt, spices.

There is no wheat, maize, dairy, chilli, nitrate or sulphite in Fruit Pig black pudding.

Ingredient salt contains E535 anti-caking agent.

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