Grants Traditional Long Sliced Salmon

100 g

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Grant's Smoked Salmon is a world renowned product with a number of coveted awards including a 3-Star taste award in 2019 and the Monde Selection Gold Medal in 2019. This product is a worldwide superstar and could be a part of a meal near you soon.

The quality of Grants Traditional Oak Smoked Salmon is ensured by the care in which only the very finest fresh Atlantic Salmon is selected. They employ time-honoured smoking methods, perfected through generations, to provide a consistently succulent texture and delicate flavour. Each side is dry cured with natural sea salt and brown sugar then gently smoked over oak wood chips. This creates a full distinctive flavour. Once smoked, the salmon is vacuum packed and ready to serve.

Grants Traditional Smoked Atlantic Salmon is among the very best. This smoked salmon offers quality, taste and texture - available in a wide range of sizes. This is a Kosher Product

Ingredients: Farmed Atlantic Salmon (96%) Salt (3%) Sugar (1%)

Allergens: FISH

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