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October's Cheese Box

A delicious selection of monthly changed cheeses, crackers and chutney!

This month we have some goliath names from the cheese world along with some perfect pairings to make a delightful cheeseboard for an evening or even (if the weather stays) for a picnic!

Baron Bigod - 250g

A fascinating cheese which develops over time. You will find long lasting flavours of warm earth, farmyard and mushrooms, with occasional notes of citrus and truffle. This product needs no introduction as a truly stellar British Brie-de-meaux style cheese.

Lincolnshire Poacher - 200g

Winner of the best artisan cheese from an own herd at the virtual cheese awards 2021 and truly a special cheese. Produced in Lincolnshire this alpine style cheddar has a traditional characteristic tang with mellow herby notes throughout which linger on the palate.

Croome's Apple & Blackberries - 150g

It was a difficult decision of what to pair with the first two cheeses this is a smooth rich cheddar beautifully mingled with pieces of apple and blackberry throughout. Perfect to balance the cheeseboard. If you want a blue cheese to add to this bundle then we would recommend the Cropwell Bishop.

Peter's Yard Sourdough Crackers - 105g

A classic crisp sourdough cracker. Delicious bite and just big enough to pile high with cheese!

Zingiberi's Cracked Pepper & Sea Salt Crackers - 120g

A very tasty oaty cracker with a delicious peppery bite. Sealed in snack sized 5-6 cracker packs to allow you to steal cheese from the fridge that little bit easier.

Manfood's Smoked Onion Relish - 300g

It's our go-to chutney and for a good reason. sweet and smokey and helps to bring out the best in the cheeses.

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