Miss Muffet Cheese

350 g

This multi-award winning continental style washed curd cheese cheese has a nutty creamy flavour as well as an interesting pink/grey natural mould rind that is only found at Whalesborough. It has also won best modern cheese at the international cheese awards. Definitely a talking point of any cheeseboard.

Whalesborough are a small family operated business based in Bude, Cornwall, and they are a multi-award winning cheesemaker of the highest level. It is clear from the products they produce the passion and love they have for their craft. With recipes developed over the last 19 years they have been refined into the distinctive and pleasant products you see today and will cause even the most discerning of cheese lover to sneak a pleasant grin at their smooth textures and clean flavours

Ingredients: Pasteurised Milk (MILK), Vegetarian Rennet

Allergens: MILK, Contains Lysozyme (enzyme derived from EGG white)

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